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NATURAL AND ORGANIC: Posh Mama Prepacked Hospital Labor Bag and Hospital Labor Gown

Organic, Chlorine-Free Maternity Feminine Pads (10) Hair Tie (2) Shampoo Conditioner Toothpaste Deodorant Organic Cotton Q-tips (30) Body Wash Face Wash Facial Moisturizer Toothbrush Bath Sponge Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer Lip Balm Organic Lollipop/Candy (6) Organic Cotton Non-slip Socks (2) Disposable Underwear (3) Nipple Cream Organic, Chlorine-Free Nursing Pads Silicone Hair brush Lotion Mama Bottom Balm Head Band Notepad (Recycled paper; printed with soy ink) Pen (Made with recycled materials) (2) Facial Tissue (Recycled and Chlorine-Free) Emery Board (2) Styling Gel Mouth Wash Baby Oil for Massage 100% Organic Cotton Hospital Delivery Gown Happy Mama Spray Wood Body Massager All Natural Make-up Remover (10) Hair Spray Polyester Tote Bag My Pure Delivery Booklet (Printed on recycled paper) Double-Sided Door Hanger for Birthing Center Door and Home, Labor Gown.


Bump Boxes 1st Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box

    •    BumpLife “Feelin’ Fly as a Mother” Water Bottle: BPA free, this water bottle is designed with a flip straw top to avoid spills and make drinking easier!

    •    No Mo Nausea Band : This band uses acupuncture and aromatherapy in a power packed punch to knock out nausea and morning sickness.

    •    Glow 9 Organics Energize Bath Bomb : A refreshing mixture of lemon, white grapefruit, and orange organic essential oils will wake you up better than any cup of coffee!

    •    Pearhead Mommy Belly Stickers : These adorable belly stickers are decorated with fruits and veggies to showcase how big baby is getting!

    •    Preggie Pop Drops:  This is a mama favorite!  These candies are flavored with essential oils and designed to kick morning sickness in the butt!

    •    Sparkling Mama Fizzelixir : Fizzelixir is made with lemon and ginger extracts, Magnesium, and B6 to soothe that nausea and get you back on your feet!


Bump Boxes 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box

    •    Pearhead Sonogram Frame : This photo frame is a beautiful way to display your sonogram–the day you first saw the love of your life!

    •    Glow 9 Organics Relax Bath Soak: Made with safe and organic essential oils as well as a special salt mixture to alleviate swelling, this pregnancy bath soak will have you ready for bed in no time!  Specifically designed for pregnancy, so you can breathe easy knowing it’s safe for use!

    •    BumpLife Sleep Mask : For when mama needs her beauty sleep, this lightweight, satin sleep mask will remind everyone she’s napping for two….so shh!

    •    Glow 9 Organics Belly Butter : This belly butter is the safe solution to stretchmarks that you’ve been looking for!  Meant to promote skin elasticity, Glow 9 Organic’s belly butter will prevent stretchmarks, relieve itching, and is unscented for smell sensitivity!

    •    Momosas Recipe Book: Sometimes a mama just needs a drink!  This book is full of delicious mocktail recipes, safe for pregnant mamas to drink the whole 9 months!


Bump Boxes 3rd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box

    •    Rock These Socks #BAM : Relax and kick those feet up with these adorable #BAM socks!  Made with rubber gripping on the bottom, these are great for use at the hospital!

    •    Bundle Organics Organic Prenatal Juice : Mamas, we know you’re tired and constantly on the go!  Bundle Organics makes it easy to continue getting the fruits and veggies your growing bump needs!  

    •    Bella B Tummy to Toes Cooling Leg & Foot Cream : Suffering from swollen feet and legs, mama?  Give your lower half a refreshing massage with this natural cooling cream!  

    •    Bump Boxes Wood Massager : Carrying around that extra weight in the third trimester really puts a strain on your body and muscles!  Grab this wood massager to rub some of those tense muscles out!  (It’s great for labor!)

    •    Foot Rubz Hand & Foot Massager : Great for swollen feet and hands, this small massager packs a powerful, acupuncture punch!

    •    Glow 9 Organics Balance Foot Soak : Nothing soothes tired, swollen feet like a relaxing foot soak!  Made with essential oils and natural ingredients, it will have your feet feeling normal in no time!


Bump Boxes New Mom Gift Box- The 4th Trimester

    •    Zoya Naked Manicure Nail Set :Enjoy a beautiful manicure without all the chemicals! Free of formaldehyde, camphor, toluene, and other harmful chemicals, you’re sure to love your new favorite polish from Zoya! Featuring bottles of Naked Base, Pink Perfector, White Tip Perfector, And Satin Seal Topcoat.
    •    BumpLife Haute Mama Cosmetic Bag :When your glow needs a boost, keep your makeup in this adorable bag! This durable, easy to clean cosmetic bag will always remind you of just how “haute” you are, mama!
    •    Glow Organics Energizing Body Lotion: Give your tired skin an invigorating boost with this energizing body lotion. You may find yourself smiling a bit more–don’t worry, it’s normal!
    •    Glow Organics Charcoal Face & Body Mask:Calm the effect of hormonal skin changes while treating yourself to a spa retreat! Deeply clean and purify pores with the help of this activated charcoal and organic avocado oil face and body mask!
    •    BumpLife Hair Ties:When you need your hair pulled back, mama, we got you! These bright colored elastics are the most fun to pull those tresses out of your way during feeding, play time, or any time! Even better, they can make an adorable fashion accessory on your wrist when not in use!


Ecocentric Mom Pregnancy Gift Box - First Trimester Pregnancy Gifts With Non-Toxic, Organic, Natural & Unique Products

Aden by AdenSwaddle Blanket (1 pack) Ecocentric Moms Baby First Year Milestone Stickers (16 stickers) Le Beurre Shop Chamomile Shea Baby Butter (4 oz) - value Ecocentric MomBaby booties Marama Naturals Calming Calendula Spray


Ecocentric Mom Pregnancy Gift Box - Second Trimester Pregnancy Gifts With Non-Toxic, Organic, Natural & Unique Products

Bonnie Marcus Magnet Sonogram Frame, Marama Naturals Belly/Baby Oil, London Pedisoak Foot Soak, Yogi Teas Pregnancy Tea And Travel Mug.


Ecocentric Mom Pregnancy Gift Box - Third Trimester Pregnancy Gifts With Non-Toxic, Organic, Natural & Unique Products

Sincerely Different Sweet Dream Salve, Pregnancy Bath Bombs, Sleep Slave Oil, Marama Cooling Leg & Foot Cream, Tote Bag and Beurre Mama Belly and Nipple Cream



Portable Electric Hot Water Bottle - Rechargeable Heat Lasts 2 - 6 Hours


Mexican Handmade Rebozo Shawl

Authentic and beautiful rebozo weaved on backstrap looms by artisans in Tlaxcala, Mexico. Made of cotton and acrylic fiber.

Size: 96” x 30” (each fringe is 9”)


Trideer Exercise, Yoga, Birth Ball EXTRA THICK Anti-Burst Heavy Duty Stability Ball Supports 2200lbs, with Quick Pump


Trideer Air Stability Ring, Keep Your Balance Ball Stable, Perfect for Exercise Ball Chair, Suitable for 55cm -75cm Stability ball (Ring Only)


LuxFit Ball Chair, Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chairs For Home And Office With 2000lbs Static Strength Ball Great Office Desk Chair, and Stability Ball Chair


Wilson Tennis Balls WRT1043 3-Pack Grand Slam Tennis Balls


'NUGGLEBUDDY Moist Heat & Aromatherapy Organic Rice Pack for Microwave. PLUM ROSE Fabric with Your Choice of Aromatherapy!